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Starting Tips

Even when everything is working properly, 2-stroke engines can be notoriously difficult to start for those that don't use the proper starting technique.

Here's some simple "how to" advise:
  1.) Make sure there is fresh fuel mix in the tank.
  2.) If equipped, prime the carb using the primer bulb.
  3.) Make sure the choke is in the "choke" position.
  4.) Make sure the "On/Off" switch is in the "On" position.
  5.) Open the throttle slightly so the engine will breathe.
  6.) Pull the starter rope until the engine "hit's" at least once.
  7.) Disengage the choke.
  8.) Start the engine!
Very Important - In order to avoid potentially severe damage, be sure to allow the engine time to warm up before going to full throttle or putting it under a work load!
  * repeat the sequence above if necessary.

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