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Ignition Timing

Ignition timing is simply the distance between the leading edge of the flywheel magnets, in relation to the position of the ignition coil and piston travel.

Modern 2-stroke engines generally do not have an adjustable timing feature. Instead, they rely on the flywheel key to keep the timing set in a fixed position for purposes of optimum ignition timing.

Although electronic ignition systems, are generally very durable, there are a couple of potential problems that you need to be aware of:

Air Gap
The air gap refers to the space or "gap" left between the flywheel and ignition coil. This "gap" is calibrated to a specific thickness (or range) by the manufacturer and must be maintained for optimum performance. Any variation from the manufacturer's specification will often result in weak spark and poor performance.
Damaged Flywheel or Flywheel Key
Although it is rare, there is a possibility that the flywheel key can become damaged, causing the timing to be off. More often than not on newer engines, the flywheel key (or timing locator) is often built directly into the flywheel rather than being a separate piece.

Regardless of the type used, if damaged, the key (or complete flywheel as the case may be) must be replaced.

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