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The engine dies when hot
Common Causes:

Vapor Lock
This is a condition where the hot gasoline turns into vapor bubbles either in the fuel line or inside the carb. When this happens, the vapors will shut off fuel flow through the carb, effectively causing the engine to run out of fuel.

If possible, re-route or isolate the fuel line away from the heat of the engine and/or install an in-line fuel filter close to the carb (if not already equipped). Installing the filter will give the fuel vapor a place to disperse before entering the carb.

Also make sure that the cooling fins are not clogged up with trash, causing an overheating problem.

Defective Ignition Components
Although this is more common on older point style engines, there is a possibility that an ignition component is breaking down after the engine reaches a certain heat range. While not exactly easy, you can diagnose this situation by installing a spark tester between the spark plug and the spark plug wire and watching to see if spark is present when the engine dies.

If the engine
is equipped with a point style ignition, there is a very strong possibility that the condenser is failing and should be tested or replaced.